Thursday, February 16, 2012

And Wallflowers

To my amusement, I was asked to come join the group of parents after dear daughters recital and not be a wallflower.   Ha!   Well.....I am amused but not offended as what most are concerned about for my wallflowerness does not worry me.  It seems to worry others.    I am not at all perturbed by chilling out alone and not joining in small talk.   Small talk and I do not mix very well.   I didn't know anyone else in the room beside the teacher and of course my extrovert husband.   Is there something wrong with talking with my daughter and her friend who are kids verses filling the air am not sure.   The girls and I had fun and I enjoyed spending time listening to them talk and visit with each other.  When will I get a chance to listen to such happy exchanges if I choose to leave them and talk about....???   Content to do my thing.   It is okay. 

1 comment:

  1. I often find myself hanging out with the teenagers at church. I figure I'm less likely to offend them. :-) And there's something quite lively and energizing about being with them.