Friday, February 10, 2012

Chicago - where did you go????

Smile.   I spent the day with my mom in Chicago today wandering around a bit and then going to a symphony concert.   The symphony was great of course.   The wandering was a bit depressing.   There is really nothing left of what I knew and loved about Chicago back in the day.   At least there is nothing left in the old down town area.   There IS the CSO but there is no more Carson's or Carl Fischer, the Berghoff is changed.  There used to be great music stores and a large CSO store.   Gone.   There were about ten shoe stores in a row.   Um.   There WAS a Walgreens, CVS, Starbucks on seemingly every corner, Panera Bread, and one large Sears store.    These seem like places I can go to here.   There was only one store that I had the chance to visit which was interesting and that was an architecture themed store on Michigan Ave.  There are only a few real, unique restaurants.   I am not really sure what attracts people to downtown anymore other than the museums and concerts.    Those are good things of course but I miss the old Chicago.

Perhaps someone can enlighten me as to what there is to go see the next time I go. 

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