Friday, February 24, 2012

Not so mysterious behavior

Nine kids.   I have never had kids who have been so plagued by ear infections as the youngest two have.   Ingrid, bless her heart, has the two yuckiest, red ears I have ever seen.   That explains a lot.   I took a peek at them at the doctor's office and they looked pretty blood red to me.   I am not expert but have seen what a normal ear looks like and that is so NOT what I saw.   Sigh.   I suppose this kills my pride of having kids who don't struggle with these things.   She spiked a fever and was laid out this morning and still is fighting the fever even with ibuprofen.   I guess I feel like I should have known something was up from her basic behavior.   It brings back memories of encouraging kids to eat who actually ended up losing their cookies.   There was a reason they wouldn't eat.    There was a reason SHE wouldn't eat which didn't include the losing cookie part but still, she was pretty miserable.   Sigh.  She did sit still for many a book today.  That was good for us both I think.   Praying she feels better in the morning. 

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