Friday, October 21, 2011

Found it

I went to the "want to" store and found some.    If I stand up and keep moving I can get rid of much dog hair, dirt and grime AND get clothes put away.    Sometimes I think that people walk through the house and just dump stuff willy nilly as they go.   Wait.......that IS what they do.   So today might be the day that the tupperware gets weeded out and the cabinet in the living room gets decluttered.   Nothing glamorous goes on here.   The glamor is in reading to short people and finding and making food which is better than you will ever find in any restaurant.   I think I will also take some short people out and plant some plants and bring in the house plants for the winter.    That is a LOT of want to.   We shall see how that goes.   That is some pretty awesome glamor if you ask me.  

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