Friday, October 7, 2011

My Irish Ire

I have had this weird pondering of quirks this week.  Quirks to me are just those weird things which are our struggles. weakness or even our enthusiasm.     For instance, my quirk I think is my Irish Ire.   I blame my Viking ancestors (or Adam) for that trip they took that year and acquired an Irish wife and put quick temper into our ancestral blood.  I am sure that is it.   At the time my ire rears its ugly head, I pretty much just want to set the record straight with whomever my ire has been raised by.   Usually that ire might be raised by the other person's quirk.   Sigh.   How is that for talking in circles.    I might even see my ire as enthusiasm or frustration justified by enthusiasm?????   Not good.   Taming my ire is a trick but am slowly learning to let time pass before addressing whatever is making me nuts.   Time (and Confession and Absolution) help me to get a better grip.  

So....what I have been also pondering are those cute little quirks of people I love.   Their quirks are probably not so ugly as mine.   They are that persons personality trait which does not mean they are proceeding with evil intent but their own enthusiasm.   What I am trying to say or doing a bad job explaining is that things which may drive me a bit bats about other people's personalities might just be their quirk or habit which they have and they are not really trying to be annoying but proceeding innocently along.   This little light bulb helps me to think of personality quirks instead of assuming evil intent.    We all have them.  

One friend's quirk is thinking the best of others.    What a nice quirk to have.   I think processing basic quirks of people might help me to do better in this department.   Sigh.   So ends another thought filled week.   Hope that was not too confusing.  

Slowly learning patience........

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