Monday, October 10, 2011

This house is old.   150 years old this year.   Old homes are dusty and dirty.   I am at my wits end with the dust and dirt.   My parental speech of the day was to take a moment and consider helping out without being told (aka as Karin the mom comedy hour).   Ten acres also breeds dust.   Farmer's fields near by and a highway.   Dirt and dust flying this way to make Karin nuts.   I can't keep up with it and books also seem to be like large pieces of ever encroaching dust.   I sneeze all day and I sneeze all night from...the....dust.    I have asthma kids who should have all this dust but can't figure out how to conquer it.   I am attempting this week to eliminate flat surfaces in which to pile books (dust) on and just go shelf by shelf and put stuff away.   When in the world are we supposed to do this AND the homeschooling thing????   Time to hide most of the toys, find their outdoor winter coats etc. and keep them out of the house if at all possible.   I can't make them stop eating but maybe they can eat outside????   Yes.   I might start digging a latrine so the mess that goes with that might stay outside too.  Sounds reasonable to me!   The digging might be therapeutic too.  One day at a time by the Grace of God.........

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