Friday, October 28, 2011

Spring bulbs

I have the same problem with plants that I do with yarn and books.   I dream of the result and perhaps go a little nutty with the plants in the yard.   I need to save the life of my houseplants which are getting 'hardened' for the winter on my front porch where they were drying off from the monsoon rains of late before coming into their winter homes. 

 Spring bulbs are so tempting with five plus acres of woods to scatter them through.   We went to my favorite nursery yesterday and picked up our troughs we made a few weeks ago.   I have so much playing in the dirt to do that I need to stop dreaming and go start doing.   I might even actually clean up the gardens this year so it won't be such a pain in the spring to begin again.   At least the small children love to be outside with me so the night schoolers can work on the inside.   The night school kids will have to help a bit with the potato digging this morning so it should be a very full day.  

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