Thursday, October 27, 2011

Getting a grip

Today I am attempting once again to get on top of things around here.   Cracking the whip and getting the academics more organized and shockeroo....done.    Life is less daunting if one can find the 'want to' to get on top of these things.   I need to get on top of my kitchen cabinets and dedust a bit.....I need to get on top of a ladder and clean the light fixtures out.   Hmmm.......

This crazy pastor (Grobien) recommended some parenting book about achieving less whining, complaining etc., in the house hold and it is really not much more than the discipline program we learned at Camp T. back in the day.   I blogged about that once upon a time on my old blog, about how kids keep a score card on you and know if this adult or that adult means what they say the first time, the second time or maybe the adult will never do a thing about following through with their own instructions.    Yep.   I do need to revisit the follow through thing and it all takes energy.   We lose a bit of energy with each kid and when we recommit to following through and expecting obedience we fall asleep faster in the evening.   It is exhausting but worth it of course. 

 So thank you Pastor Grobien for the ten dollarish reminder of what I already know.   When I read the email and the information I was tempted to call him the next day and hold out the phone if he answered so he could hear my darling cherubs whining and bickering.......I didn't.    I got it.   

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