Monday, August 30, 2010

Bugles and soccer horn thingies

I think our greatest challenge to homeschool is getting everyone to get up in the morning. I overslept so everyone else did. Charley rarely oversleeps so I have finally relented and have given him permission to 'raise the dead' anyway that he pleases. Getting up even one hour earlier would increase production immensely. He was wondering if Anna left her vuvesuala (spelling?) horn at home but she took it with. Matthew has a bugle which I am not sure where he has put it. That would be awesome. Charley has such musical talent.

We managed to get some math done today. It amounted to teaching people how to go about their lessons and hopefully someday they will not need as much of my help. Of course one of the books is missing. Life around here has continued to have one thing after another occur so getting organized has not happened too well. We did get rid of a lot of stuff though over the summer and also found some materials which have been missing for a long time.

It was 90 degrees out today so we took advantage of the pool in the afternoon for awhile. I love the pool. Unfortunately I take advantage of my favorite part of the pool which is sweating in the sun and just soaking it in. Evan never seems to cooperate and sleep in his car seat when we are there so the Karin tan is probably over for this year. Had a nice talk with the Francks and my brother on the phone while I was chillin in the shade so that part was good. Ingrid thinks she is a big girl and wants to play in the big pool. That part is bad. We do hope to return tomorrow.

This evening is full of running around to Scouts, church etc. and then collapsing when we get home. I'm already pretty sleepy.

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