Friday, August 27, 2010


The summer is basically over and Anna left a few hours ago to go back to IU. I will miss her. It was a little difficult to witness her saying goodbye to her siblings last night. She put all the kids to bed basically and kissed them goodnight and goodbye. To be silly she even asked Erik if he wanted her to tuck him in. :-) She is a good sister. This morning she held Evan and kissed him up as he was staring up at her. I will have to do better at posting pictures this year.

Today I help Erik get registered for a class. I am glad this is working out for him. He has been getting his feet wet with a job too working for the kids piano teacher scraping and painting her house. That has been a good opportunity for him to make some money.

Time to keep plugging away with this day. It is fallish this morning so will not be going to the pool (again) but the weather report promises to heat up for the weekend. Will work well for the pool but not for church. I need to tidy up Anna's room too for Charley's parents visit in a week. It seems too empty and lonely right now. I will miss her......a lot.

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