Monday, August 16, 2010

Facing life right now

I have sweet little Evan here working on the pudge (I think he is getting some) and thinking about how to keep life in perspective while facing the new school year. So far I have accepted that this will be a year of working mostly on their weaknesses and not taking on more school goals then we can ever possibly do. Less is more.....I am pretty much overwhelmed even by the LESS but will also try to just be happy with whatever we get done.
We have spent the summer throwing stuff out and giving stuff away. We could probably start all over and get rid of even more. I am beginning to not care about saving ANYTHING in our house but of course I guess we should hang onto some clothes and pots and pans to be able to eat. I should not recklessly get rid of the stuff I have enjoyed in the past which is impossible to do now, in hopes that some day I will do them again. It is tempting........
The kids are totally on board with getting rid of stuff so their junk is getting more in order too. This is sort of a boring post. It also makes me a bit sad to see how much money we have poured into this junk through the years. I am trying (easier said than done) to only purchase for the kids what they truly need. For instance Cecilia has spared us shoe expense for years but now is shoeless besides one pair of sandals so I got her a couple shoes which are quality enough to last till her next growth spurt.
This post is not a lot different than the rest of my posts but perhaps I will think of some more interesting things to talk about if I keep this up. It is nice for me to look back on (or it can be scary too) and see what has been going on through the year. I read a whole bunch of old emails recently and THAT was scary. Yikes. DELETE!

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  1. I'm cleaning out shelves and cubbies today, sorting through markers and colored pencils and coloring books. They should be put away in some obscure corner or thrown out. But Alia is here now and may need things. And I never know what will work for Maggie, as she's "behind" in many areas. Anyway, the point is that you mentioned all your letting go of junk in conjunction with your school plans for the new year. And it's making me think about how I probably ought to be clearing my calendar and clearing my Goal-List for the school year, just as much as I'm clearing junk off of shelves and out of storage.