Thursday, August 26, 2010

Can we cram any more things in?

I thought this week would be calmer..........not. Last weekend I got the brilliant idea to sign Matthew up to do a car wash as his fundraiser for his Eagle Scout project. As a result we were more under the gun to get his paper work done so he could proceed. So far he has raised over a fifth of the money in pre-sold tickets. I managed to forget the kids choir rehearsal on Wednesday as I was running Matthew to get his last signature. He also had a lesson on how to upholster chairs since his project is making 30 new chairs for the church's choir area. He impressed Lois with his ability. I need to go get the foam so he can continue working on that part. I am glad he will have some help with this project or rather that it is required to have people help as the whole project done by one person would take forever. Yay, power tools!

I spent another part of the week helping Erik with his paper work to be able to take a course at a local college. He has never done anything like this so he had bunches of questions to ask. It is interesting to walk through this process with the kids as there is a LOT of explaining to do to help them understand what is being asked, why, how to do it etc. What is a GPA??? It has taken him a long time to accomplish his goals with his schooling but at least what he has done he has done pretty thoroughly. I do not feel like I have gypped him. We have bunches to get done this year but he seems really ready to tackle the task.

Anna goes back to IU tomorrow morning. I've been sort of numb thinking of that but excited for her too. She is obviously more confident of herself and ready to go this year. Looking back she seemed very young last year. She thinks she has too much stuff to take with her but I think it is just right to make herself at home. We are also more experienced at this game to help her plan and tackle everything from classes, finances and even eating. Charley is taking her down and starting out at 5ish so they can get her settled, eat and get to her 1 o'clock appointment. She has a full day tomorrow. Oh, I also need to take Erik to the college to get him registered.....when am I doing that???

Saturday is the actual car wash from 11 to 3. The boys are busy making signs for that now and will later be going out to sell more tickets. He is over a fifth of the way there. I think I said that already. I somehow need to pick up food supplies before then to be able to pull together some things for Sunday. I should defrost a bunch of stuff now so our dinners will be covered and not spent getting pizza. Sigh. Martin and Cecilia have become more handy in the kitchen so this helps.

I hope to start school in a more serious way on Monday so hopefully find time in all this to get that stuff more lined up if the activities from this week and weekend don't totally wipe me out.

But in spite of all the craziness I can not help but stop and ponder how much we have to be thankful for. Some friends are going through some pretty stressful times so their stress does result in my being in awe of life as it is. Every day is a gift. Every day with my kids is a gift and I am thankful but obviously not thankful enough. Sigh.

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