Friday, August 27, 2010

School and work

Erik is officially signed up to take Sociology this fall. We were considering Psychology but apparently rumor has it the prof is pretty tough so we went with Sociology as it is a freshman requirement for the major he is considering. He also finally has a picture ID so I can now drag him to the blood bank to give some of his wonderful O neg away. ;o) I'm sure he is delighted.

Erik also received high praise from his temporary employer which was very nice for both of us to hear. He bonds very well with older people which I have always found sweet. He is good at listening to and taking an interest in what older people have to say and is not wrapped up in just relating to his peers. I am sure this will prove to be an asset to him as generally speaking showing respect for your elders is valued by employers. If he does succeed in getting at least an associates degree in nursing, his ability to listen to older people should also prove to be an asset to him.

It has been a great couple of weeks for Erik and I see him contemplating his future and becoming more serious about taking on what he needs to do to be able to spread his wings on his own. In reflecting on his high school experience he has learned a lot of things very well even if some of it took longer. He HAS grown up a lot. H still does some goofy kid stuff that all kids are prone to do. I'm glad he is receptive to the mom 'chitty chatting' at him with all her sage advice. Lol! My kids put up with quite a bit of that.

I bought a basic checkers game to play checkers with Benjamin and of course the rest of the kids. I want to play a lot of games this year with them as it helps them learn and plus it is what memories are made of.

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