Sunday, August 22, 2010


Currently my struggle is how best to approach the eldest son's school plan for this year. He will be 18 in the fall and has discussed many possibilities of vocation choices. It does sort of boggle my mind as Charley and I do have an involvement in helping him with these choices and how best to follow them. I think helping Anna was perhaps too easy as she did have some very definite ideas. Erik's ideas are a little more fuzzy and he does not have the same knack for academics that Anna had. Testing is more of a challenge and confidence plays in too. He would like to take a class at a local school to get his feet wet and I think he will be following through with this. Sometimes I wonder if we are wasting his time on this idea and perhaps should look into some sort of vocational school. Sigh. I think we will proceed with the class at the college and continue looking into further guidance.

Teaching Testing skills is what is most daunting to me right now. I can easily see how much time is realistically available and then the many choices ahead of ME of how to use it; teaching Benjamin reading etc., grammar with all of them, math of course with all of them, their spelling sucks, writing is not their forte either. Sigh. What to do. It should be an interesting year. There is only me to map out this task list and prioritize what is what. Charley can help of course with planning but the doing is a bit tougher. Start small is what usually works the best here but with Erik the testing is breathing down my neck in October or November.

I should be sure to look back at this time of the year next summer at the same time and see what has transpired. That is one reason I started this whole blog to begin with was to keep a little bit of a record of how life is progressing.

Praying for endurance to follow through..........

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