Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Decluttering School

Thanks Susan.....

I guess I did not think about the fact, that by focusing on just one or two subjects for a chunk of time, that is the same as decluttering school. I am of the awful habit of thinking too large for the kids with their schooling. They are pulled in too many directions and we fail to do a really good job in any of them. The guilt, the guilt...... Perhaps I was inspired by all the dejunking around here to just keep it simple and take care of the basics. I hope to start soon but my in-laws are coming for a week so we will have an interruption before we have hardly begun. We can probably get away with morning school as my father-in-law is hard pressed to get ready for the day before noon.

Tis the year of the three R's for the Horners. Anything else will be a bonus but I am not going to get too worked up if the bonus subjects are not given the proper attention. I want to have time to read out loud to my little people and pay attention to them. I think I will keep writing about this as maybe I might be less fearful of failing with all this.

We are late getting up for piano lessons. Stefan and Ingrid are especially adorable this morning. Sigh. Evan IS growing for which I am very thankful. It should be good day.

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