Saturday, August 28, 2010

Taking ownership

I have been thinking about a conversation I had with my previous doc about how to help a dear friend who seemed SO bogged down with her problems. This led to his sharing how he has all different sorts of patients. There were some who listened to his advice and he admitted they were few and far between and there were most who honestly just loved the problems they were having and didn't really want to be rid of them. It gave them something to dwell on. My pastors have called that wallowing in it. I like the terminology of 'owning it' though too. Does a medical issue possess you? I think they do for a time. Is everyone burdened with your issues? We all handle things differently and I don't think we should NOT talk about our 'problems' but taking ownership and loving our problems is a problem in and of itself.

I have been chatting that up with my kids with their whining and complaining about those things they don't love to do. JUST DO THEM as that is what you are given to do now. Owning your loathing of them does not help you get them done. Owning medical issues does not help you either. If someone tells you to take vitamins to help with this or that..........then remember it, make it a priority and do it!

Clearly I am a bit weary of poor mes right now in my little life. I have suffered with them myself. The biggest poor me is in the line of chores and basic routines that need to be done. Just do it kiddos and get it over with. it. Acne.......wash your face regularly. Hate them every day. House dirty......clean it. The house cleaning one is the one I think our whole family is the worst about. Stop complaining about the mess and pointing out what is wrong and clean it up!

Sigh. I just like the concept of reflecting on NOT taking ownership of our problems. Am I taking ownership of this or that or am I doing what I am given to do and getting on with life????

So there. :o) My deep thought of the month. Not so very deep but seems to apply to so many issues lately.

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