Sunday, February 20, 2011


What is interesting? Um. Oh, I remember. The little boys in Sunday morning Catechesis class are interesting. The little girls pretty much sit with wide eyes and watch the little boys and their antics. If you walk by the classroom before the *teacher* comes, you might see three boys in a heap wrestling each other, much running around and whooping and yelling. scandalous. I, of course, like a good little mommy pop in and give them the eye and suggest they set up the chairs or something. This suggestion might be a mistake as it would give them islands to hop from island to island. Inwardly I am of course smirking.

I was observing my own boys during the service, all six of counting dh. There was a basic rise in height from youngest to oldest and then a little slide on the other side where da' dad is now shorter than our oldest boy. I try hard not to observe whether they need a haircut or become distracted by their cuteness but I have a fondness for those boys.

Back to the little boys in class. Well, there are at LEAST ten of them in there and three or four little girls who always sit together safely near the teacher. I was joking with another mom about sugar and spice. The little boys and their puppy dog tails....yeah.......perfect description. After a long service I am certain it is a challenge for any of them to sit still. My best laid strategy is to recommend they do NOT sit next to their siblings. It is wise that they get to act out the story. They range in age from four to 9ish. They love each other. We will all try to help them behave but.....there is still just a tad of 'boys will be boys' that is difficult to squelch. Perhaps I will take them on a walk around the block, or perhaps a jog, in between church and Sunday School hour. It might help us all. They're trying.

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