Thursday, February 17, 2011

What's for breakfast

Eating words. Ha ha. I AM laughing at old posts. Yes, got out of debt last fall and now tripping back into it. At least I can laugh about it. Hopefully we will crawl back out of it after the taxes are done, some syrup is sold (?), I sell some more of all the books I have stupidly bought and will never have the time to read, don't know what else. Life happens obviously.

Another old post which amused me this morning was about helping the dad not be overwhelmed by his family when returning from work. Clearly *I* forgot that goal and had to come back to that realization only a few months later as if it were a new thought. This would be in the muddle, muddle department.

I guess this is one reason I like to blog. I can look back and see the progress or lack of it. Keep laughing. I don't blog for anyone else really, just a sort of processing place.

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