Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Indulge me

Forgive me my sentimentality. Waking up in the morning and wondering how my friends are doing might drive me to a bit of deep heart felt feeling. Oh well. I usually just do that in my head. I know, I know.....it is OKAY to think! Probably just blither blathering now.

In other news, I have been informed I am fat. Hmmmm.......I didn't notice???? That is okay. I still know how to laugh. So I am laughing and giving you all something to laugh about????? Oh brother. Why does anyone think that the person who IS fat needs help to figure it out? Every time I see a sale on larger clothing I just shake my head and tell myself spring is coming. Then I might see if there are any chips and dip around. My kids should be 'doing school' today but instead we are all tired and cranky (not too bad) and waiting for da dad to come home and start tapping the trees to make syrup. We never do things small around here.

After many days of endurance, I enjoyed fresh air with Cindy, laughed and processed, then came home to collapse with the kids and turn my brain off with an old favorite movie. I only worked on the Battle of the Bulge a little and it is not as if I have never fought that fight before so......moral of the story? If you 'notice' I am fat, just smile and wave? I don't know. Been here, done this. Little do people know that I am just laughing about being fat this time? If you morph from being skinny to fat nine times shouldn't you finally learn how to laugh about it?????? I will try hard to hold onto my faculties and not let my mouth return the favor. Smirking and thankful for laughing over others 'concern' for my welfare.

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