Monday, February 21, 2011

A day in the life

Quickie. Today started bright and early so that would explain why I was challenged to keep my eyes open while reading to the kiddos. "You're getting very sleepy Karin......" We got more done today than we have for awhile so that is good. Benjamin is still a challenge to get to but will keep trying. Stefan was delighted to have the snow back so he could go sledding.

Had several nice chats with Anna. The first one she was stressed and the second one she was chipper and happy. :o) I listen a lot. My listening ear is getting a work out lately but that is fine. I was walking with Cindy, my dear friend who just lost her 12 year old daughter, and I have been trying to figure out what this constant feeling has been with me lately. Her daughter dying is still quite a shock in many ways and I *try* to help her process but mostly am her sound board. The way I would describe how I have been feeling is a sort of fresh realization of eternity. We are in eternity and so is her daughter. She is just in the much easier side of eternity. I am not sure if experiencing sudden loss and the pain that goes with it helps a person to see the truth of the existence of eternity more clearly or what but it is sort of like making a constant sign of the cross lately for me. Sunday was sort of a culmination of much listening and processing and so much of the day I felt I had met all the processing I could handle and didn't even attempt to respond too much to conversation. It just wasn't going to work. My tired brain cells were pretty much just chillin' out and looking forward to some rest. Nine hours of sleep was definitely helpful.

This quickie post became longer so I must put my mind and body to bed for a few more winks before my ears are required again soon enough.

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