Thursday, February 24, 2011

My house will get cleaner

if I keep losing things...........I am making myself crazy and renew my commitment to getting rid of more stuff and actually be able to find the stuff I want and need. I am still selling my stuff on Amazon and I think there is a group of people who know what I have put in 'safe keeping' and that is what they order. They really want me to get my act together and clean this place up more. Right now it is a disaster but my book shelves are getting a good cleaning and my mind has been making a careful study of what in the world I was doing last October. Sigh. I am wondering if I loaned the item to someone stupidly and then forgot???? My hope for today is to not make my family crazy looking for it and then just give up and let the buyer know that it is hiding somewhere in my house and if they can afford to wait a bit longer or not. Giving up sounds more sane and let them just find another seller for now...........hmmmmmmmm.........

Clutter be gone!

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