Saturday, February 5, 2011

Need more exercise!

Today I went to do one of my favorite pastimes -shoveling snow. I actually do enjoy it but rarely get to do it as I am the kid watcher. I was nice and amused by the fact that one of my dear children thought that I wasn't able to shovel as I am the mom. Cough, cough. Having grown up in Val-pour-rain-snow, I know about shoveling snow. It brought back many lovely memories of stacking the snow high up the sides of the driveway and street and our mailbox peeking out from the snow mounds. Dear child said we didn't have a driveway. Um....yes we did and we didn't have a snow blower either. I saw the snow as a sort of challenge, not to mention part of my addiction to working hard. Thus I love to bike and mow the lawn too. Sweet child must see my obvious feminine attributes as too delicate?????? It was worth a good chuckle as I explained what it meant to clear a path for people to walk. More snow is coming so I am hoping to get the opportunity to do this again. Older dear child could not stop telling me how happy Evan was in my absence. THAT IS good news!!!! The neighbors of said house might get mad as their sidewalks are not clear or.......maybe I will tackle their sidewalks too! I miss sidewalks. People in the country do not have sidewalks generally. I miss them. Roller skates, big wheels clicking around the block, neighbors close by to go and live with after school. Those were the days.

Signed the old person or the never want to get too old to shovel person.


  1. I completely agree with liking the challenge and liking the hard work. It makes me feel healthier and happier, gives me energy, and helps me relax.

    I'll tell Charley to build you some sidewalks. :-)

  2. Lol! Well it is true that he likes pouring cement! I could also just be someone's best friend when it comes to snow removal and perhaps lawn mowing and sweating?????