Saturday, January 21, 2012

Backwards planning

This is not a new idea but have started looking more closely at those things we have on hand in the pantry which were most likely purchased in the name of thrift and then not used up or were purchased for a recipe which was not used.   Yesterdays made up recipe was nachos to use up all the chips which were purchased over Christmas for the chips and salsa fan who isn't here now.    I took the stale chips, put them on the bottom of my large baking pan and cooked them for ten minutes while I browned ground beef, an onion, chili powder and cumin, a jar of salsa, and a few cans of black beans.    I put all of that on top of the chips in the onion and topped which some shredded Colby cheese.   The kids gobbled that right up.   Almost everything we eat I make up out of my head.   I will try to post recipe ideas as they come to mind.  

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