Sunday, January 15, 2012

Second chance

I see January and the new semester as a second chance of sorts to get the kids immersed in their studies.   One way is to stay away from the internet!   Fostering independent learning will only happen through fostering so I have been trying to stay very close to the students and not distracted by laundry etc.   When I don't stick close to the students (aka my children), then they take a very quick trip to La La land.    "If mom never looks at my work, then why do it?"   It is a mental challenge to ME to stay with it.   Patiently going through factorization or grammar rules and how they apply etc. is mental exercise.   I suppose I am glad I remember how to do these things and not all was lost in the interim of my running gleefully away from my own education.    

One little trick I am trying for my reluctant non-fiction readers, is to have them sit together and read their history aloud to each other.   I was greatly relieved to find that the elder reader was not daunted by his younger sibling who reads a blue streak.   I was afraid he would get discouraged but that hasn't been the case.   He has enough wear for all to realize that if his sister reads, they will get through the chapter faster and tried to pull this little trick to get through.   It didn't bother him a bit he was a slower reader.   I quickly got them back on track to taking turns reading.   

It has been interesting to me to observe the different way each child learns.   For some it has been slow and painstaking and for others it has been a breeze.   Remembering that slow and steady wins the race, is the best method of all, is something I remind myself of frequently.    Perhaps I will begin collecting turtles as a reminder.   I don't want any live turtles, just the fake ones.   The kids who take longer to understand their lessons are a challenge but then I remember that the kids who learn quickly can QUICKLY be left all alone and neglected as it is too easy to assume they are doing okay.  

The school week is intense.  We keep very busy in our family culture here and come up for air for Scouts and evening services.  By Friday, I am ready to be alone.   I fantasize  Saturday mornings, the day will be productive and then Sunday I am usually in a restful heap.   Slow and steady would definitely describe my Sunday mood.   I love the rest though so it is all good.   I am looking forward to seeing my walking friend this evening and catching up on her life.   That is restful and rejuvenating too.  Onward.

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