Friday, January 20, 2012


The week in review adds up to less fat on me and more school work accomplished for them.   Fighting the flab and getting in better shape becomes obsessive for me at times but it is nice to rid the closet of the clothes which don't fit anymore and revisiting the skinny wardrobe.   I found time for several bike rides this week and now we have snow the end of the week to shovel - yay!   The icing on the cake which I ate or rather lost, was a load of firewood to load for delivery.  250 pieces of firewood thrown in the back of the truck.   I wasn't able to do the whole load as I had to run a kid somewhere but it is still fun.   A few weeks ago I loaded 750 pieces of firewood.   I saw my dress I got in Milan today and might dream of getting back into it this summer.   Yes.    This all added up to bunches of calories burned and less of me.   Warms my heart.....probably literally.

In the homeschooling realm, I am doing my best to impress the love of learning on my little cherubs.   Time management needs some work, but otherwise kids were reading, writing and rithmeticing and not causing too much trouble.   Mondays always seem to stink as far as the wiggles and whining but by Wednesday we hit a groove and by Friday I am so exhausted I cannot wait to take Cecilia to piano lessons and go sit for an hour in peace and quiet and just listen.   Ahhhhh!  

My latest experiment with the kids to increase interest in history, is for the kids to take turns reading the books we are working through to each other paragraph by paragraph.    Every morning we have been able to pull off Catechesis and then read aloud time.   The reading aloud time hopefully sets a tone of HOW they should read aloud.   Remembering all these tricks is really the trick.   The little ones vying for my attention can generally make me nuts to be frank, but somehow we work it out and attempt to make some progress.
 I cap my evenings off with a good book and my nest before calling it a night and take a snooze till it all begins again.   It is almost time to find my nest.    Ta ta for now and happy family time to you all.   

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