Friday, January 27, 2012

Progress report

There seems to be progress in all arenas.    We followed through with cleaning in the morning after catechesis/ read aloud time.    I have been giving each kid one little area to work on for 30 minutes and voila! There is definite improvement. 

In  have been pretty consistent with getting something done each day.   I hate that math seems such a priority as the rest seems more interesting to me.   I can't seem to speed them up so math takes up less time.   I guess they are making progress in math!   We are slowly tripping through American history.    Interesting as neighbor Jim is reading our books in the evenings while kids flop all over the place in their nightly routine of flopping. 

There is progress in there being less of me.   I have gotten a bike ride in every day this week but need to discipline myself to gear down.   I was delighted to be able to get up the hills in third but THAT was a mistake!!!!!    Ouch.   Stumbling through the day and hoping I can get the pain to go away so I can keep up the regimen.   Yesterday was a soaker of a ride and came home a Popsicle.

Progress in less screaming......sort of.    Little children seem to become addicted to screaming.   Just had a little discussion with middlin' child about how the rest of us are far more relaxed and able to meet the day when there is less whining and screaming.   Time to instigate the "spend time by yourself in your room" study if said child cannot grab some self control.   Mommy controlled isolation for less stress for him and for the rest of us.

It is NICE and quiet here at the moment.    Ahhhh........quiet and calm are good things.   Now....where did I leave my coffee cup????

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