Thursday, November 17, 2011

Asthma child

Our five year old's asthma has been very aggravated lately.   It is related to eczema as it involves the same system.   He had eczema as a baby that kept me hopping and I equate his eczema struggles with his mommy worship.   Now, he is having several asthma attacks a day and his nebulizer is his friend.   Sigh. 

It is looking less likely that hubby and I will be escaping for a weekend away to visit daughter dear now at school.   Getting my hopes up for things is not always a good idea.   I certainly do not begrudge Stefan for it, but unless he is much better it might not be the best idea to leave him with his older sibs and the neighbor who helps out quite a bit around here.    They are not familiar with what to do.  I am more familiar than Charley so we will have to chat it out as to whether I should go one extra night or not.   Paul Simon concert Sunday evening......  We shall see.   Sigh.   Several of the kids have been plagued with this issue but not as much as the Stefan.   I'm glad he can manage a smile in spite of it all though.   He is my little sweetie.    Love his five year old self.    Sigh.   

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