Thursday, November 10, 2011

Commercial break

I am contemplating contacting the networks about making a new commercial.   It will feature me or some other better looking mom, doing wondrous, ponderous things such as.....du, du, du.......changing a diaper or.....putting the clothes in the drier.    It will be colorful and awesome with cutely decorated rooms and a beautiful garden which the awesome mom is weeding (or not) and the end of the commercial break it will say......can you guess???????

My name is Martha Ingebretson and..... I'm.......a...... Lutheran.   This will stop all the prejudice against Lutherans I am sure.   All that crossing of themselves and such and living life.   We need to set the record straight.    I know that most people contemplate the weird behavior of Lutherans.  Yes.   You know they do. 


  1. Karin, it's a lovely and odd Lutheran world you live in if you're thinking that other folks put "Lutheran" and "all that crossing of themselves" together. :-) I live in that odd world too, but every now and then I get out there in the rest of the Lutheran world that isn't quite so [uhhh...] very Lutheran.

  2. It is the Mormon commercial breaks which are making me a bit bemused......