Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Going Places

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to go to La Boheme at Indiana University.   My daughter was in the Opera Chorus and she was the only organ major participating.   It was very cool.   The set was the most amazing thing I have ever seen!!   There were at least two revolving sets which between scenes moved across the stage and turned around in circles as the singers went through doors to outdoor scenes and back in again.   The theater must have a monstrous back stage.   I have only ever been to one other opera and that was in high school so it was also interesting to hear these singers sing these pieces which were incredibly long while acting it all out.    Wow.  

The other event was a Paul Simon concert.    I have been a fan since grade school.   He played selections from all eras of his career.   It struck me that he is a true musician.    Not only does he play well, write well, and still sings well after all these years, but he also has an appreciation for incorporating a huge variety of instruments, rhythms, and styles.    He is one of the few musicians I have heard actually grow in their art and continue to do so throughout his career.   At 69 he could still put on an amazing show, was clearly enjoying himself and so was the audience.   The audience was a huge mix of Simon's gray headed peers down to IU students who may not of even recognized "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover" but they may have chuckled a bit.

So the weekend was full and now it is time to prepare for Thanksgiving on Thursday.   It will be here for our family.   Today is about over at 9:00a.m. as I made an appointment to get my mop cut and then I have a memorial service this afternoon that I am hoping to make it to for the husband of the young lady who babysat for us when our older kids were small.   It was very sudden and not something which was expected. Praying for his wife and little girl.     Her mother and I have been friends for 25 years.   Sigh.   

This evening is my last journey to Ft. Wayne with my buddy Karen for a Bible study we have been attending there.   I am glad I am not driving.   I was already wiped out yesterday so will be a happy passenger and savor this trip.   We will have to find something new to do to amuse and distract ourselves.  

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