Thursday, November 10, 2011

Yes, that was naughty

So....the commercials for the Mormon church make me a bit nutty.   I think it is a ploy to either make Mornons seem part of the norm or to help people want to be Mormon since they live such glamorous lives....apparently.    A Lutheran commercial might also show 'normal' but perhaps also show sin, (which is normal), repentance and forgiveness.   Maybe a couple having an argument, going away from each other, reflecting on their sin, repenting, asking forgiveness and receiving God's forgiveness from the Pastor and resuming living by faith and proceeding in faith.  Of course Jesus and the Holy Spirit moving hearts to repentance might be a good idea too.  That would be a Lutheran commercial or....something like that.   This is just my morning reaction to the weird pretty commercials which keep coming on during the morning local news.   Others could add to that but I must return to that vocation thing. 


  1. Sigh, I have been told by people what "nice" commercials those are and why can't "we" (meaning our beloved church body) do those types of commercials. Sigh

  2. Nice self righteous commercials......see how pretty and productive they are? "It's all about *ME* Jesus".....sung to a catchy tune but I am afraid Jesus isn't even mention in those pretty he. I am sorry Glenda. Pretty looks so nice to people doesn't it. The ugliness of our beggar condition is just yucky.