Friday, November 11, 2011

The Sillies

It is my odd observation that sometimes this family is too silly.   I think I am to blame for that one.   We get ourselves in trouble at times with silly.   So, thus and therefore, I have been talking to dear children about toning down the silly so that some things in our daily routine are less confusing.   It is confusing to give instruction and then have silliness and questions since no one was really listening but rather just being silly.   A time and a place for the sillies.   I am glad we all have a sense of humor but at times I just want to get er' done around here.   I am really not sure how to convey this to my sillies and even to myself, but at least I am thinking about it for my own sake and have just been pondering the effect of silly during the day.  So ends my deep and profoundness for this day.   Time to do the next thing. 

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