Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Painting the Yard

I got a bit enthusiastic with tulip and other such spring flower bulbs this year and I think I sort of visualize all the planting as sort of painting of the yard.   We live in the middle of ten acres so there is the potential of a lot of yard to paint.   We dug up two areas where the daffodils needed thinned out and some large allium bulbs needed to be moved.  Those alone counted up to hundreds of bulbs.   Like my previous post indicated, sometimes my inner brat buys too much of something and this time it was bulbs.   I planted perhaps 300 plus bulbs this afternoon.   My hands and body can attest to that.   Ouch.   I have only a few hundred left that I can potentially plant of the daffodils and allium around the woods etc.   Hopefully tomorrow I will find a few hours to continue the job of digging and planting.   Ingrid has enjoyed chasing around with me and giving me bulbs or dropping them in the holes.    Stefan loves to clip the dead plants out of the gardens and jumps out of his seat to run out the door with me when I hobble out with the bulb digger in hand.   Time to find the pain killer and hobble off to bed to read one of the many books which lay around here from my book addiction.

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