Saturday, November 26, 2011


I finally made it out for a bike ride after several months away from it.   It was nice to get outside a bit.   Wildlife of the day included one hawk and a pheasant.   Tamer life included several humans out doing some late fall cleanup in their yard.   There is no snow yet but it still was nice to see what was up around the countryside.   In the winter you can see all the homes you can't see when there are leaves on the trees.   There were several cute small homes that looked appealing to me.  

I read an article this morning which suggested drinking chocolate milk before and after your ride.    I can see the sense in that and the best part is I have been missing chocolate milk as I was avoiding it to fight the chub to no avail.   I am hoping to bike regularly to both fight the chub and to have some alone time and try hard not to think too much while burning up the calories.

Now time to get on top of the "want to" to go vacuum the house and get rid of more junk.   Listening to Paul Simon and enjoying having everyone home for the weekend.    It will be back to our regular scheduled program on Monday.  

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