Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Go talk to you father

I am in a bit of a fed up mood today when it comes to all things pertaining to following through on tasks.   I have also been thinking more and more about how easy it is for my cherubs to whine at me about their troubles as I can tolerate a lot of talking before I declare that enough is enough.   My 'enough is enough' now includes not caring whether they miss out on Scouts and other social times.   I used to hold those sort of things sacred for them as they raised way too many chickens and pigs etc. and seemed to have nothing fun to do ever.   That is not true anymore.   Since animals left, they have acquired computers too.   Computers.   Humph.   I am getting sick of my own computer.   I am pulling the 'no computer' wild card either till their rooms are found, drivers permits are in hand (my kids don't care if they learn to drive or not), and that they do their chores from the list without being told.   Their father dear can be spoken to about all of their dreams  of Scouting events etc.   I don't think sending the kids to talk to their father about stuff is something which kids will use as a manipulation thing if I do my best to let him have the final word on stuff.   What does it matter anyway if he does if it means they actually do what they are supposed to do.   GO TALK TO YOUR FATHER if you are disgruntled about things or need a ride or don't know how to do  your math homework.   Bangs head on table........

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