Thursday, November 3, 2011

Seminary Clothing Bank

I went a few years back with a friend to the Sem clothing bank childrens clothing  were nice and picked over and looked pretty sad.   In the process of thinning things out in Hornerdom, I always think of that visit and hope not to send yuck their way.   If it is my clothes, I carefully consider if I seriously will ever be that size again, in that season and picture an appreciative Sem wife with something decent to wear.   There are dresses which served during pregnancies when not too far along which went that way.   Childrens clothes.  Hmmm......I cut the reserves in half and hope someone was able to use something. was not my sleeper on the Concordian Sister baby.   We get new clothes seemingly with every new baby one way or another and no baby could ever wear that many.   Now we are in the potential stage of downsizing in the clothing etc department so here is  hoping the bank can use more.   If it is yuck, it does not need to dry rot at the Sem.   I did think that some day it would be nice to go to garage sales and pick up decent church clothes etc to keep things fresh there.   I am grateful for how richly we have been supplied with what is needed and garage sales have rocked in this way too.   I honestly can not imagine being at the Sem and strapped for cash and managing.   Hopefully some Sem wife is not crying anymore on Sunday morning wishing for something decent to wear.  It wasn't me which provided it but God's gracious provision for this sinful group of Horners.   I just have always wanted my best cast offs to go to the Sem as I know what a wimp I am and it is pretty obvious why God found it best for me to marry an engineer.......I am just a wimp.    


  1. In our years here, I haven't one stepped into the Re-sell It Shop. I know a lot of people make use of it, but I've decided if I want new clothes, I ought to lose the baby-weight and I'll be able to unpack three more boxes we're storing in our basement!

  2. Oh how I miss the co-op in Fort Wayne. I sometimes think it was more therapy then anything else. Not only did it provide the things we needed, but gave me a way to go shopping without spending any money, and time to socialize with other families. Don't get me wrong, I love the fact that my hubby is no longer in school and is now a pastor for a loving church, but I am forever grateful to God for providing for us through people like you. Not only with physical things, but with prayers and warm thoughts.